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10:30am Worship Service @Gobles MS Gym

10:30am Journey Kids 0-4 @Gobles MS Gym

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auction items


Have you wanted to give more to Journey Family Church but are unable, for whatever reason, to do so? Do you have an attic, basement, garage, barn or outbuilding cluttered with things you’ve always intended to sell in a yard sale but haven’t gotten round to it? Problem solved:

An auction site has been set up for Journey Family Church where people are able to offer items on auction, as donations to JFC. Users register their account and use as their PayPal address. This ensures 100% of all money generated by an auction goes directly to JFC.

Sellers maintain all items at their location and co-ordinate shipping or pick up with the winning bidder.

Use our auction site as a way to clean out your clutter and help JFC at the same time. Please see JFC office for a charitable tax slip, for fair market value, for large ticket items to use as a charitable deduction for tax time, if you need it.


  • 1 - News: All auction items are considered donations to Journey Family Church; all auctions will use the Journey Family Church PayPal address, for payment. 100% of the final sale amount will automatically be deposited to JFC via PayPal. So please make certain you read our Terms of Service. By registering and using this auction site, you are agreeing to follow all rules as stated.
  • Thank you for your donation

  • 2 - Terms and Conditions:
  • Sellers accept that all items listed, are listed with the understanding that 100% of the selling price, for an auctioned item, will go directly to Journey Family Church via PayPal: ; there will be no payment made to Seller. Anyone found to be abusing this for personal gain will be immediately banned from buying, or selling, on this auction site. If you do not desire to donate 100% of the final selling price of item(s) you want to sell, do not list them here.

    Seller is responsible for accurately, and honestly, representing an item offered for auction. Seller will retain the item at Seller's location. Once an item sells, Seller is responsible for arranging shipping or pick-up with the Buyer. Journey Family Church, hereafter referred to as JFC, will store no items up for auction unless they are items JFC has specifically placed on auction.

    Buyers, your bid is your agreement to buy an item if you have the winning bid; it is your responsibility to pay for an item won on auction. It is your responsibility to communicate with the Seller concerning shipping an item or picking an item up.

    Journey Family Church reserves the right to reject an item for auction if it falls under any of the following groups:

  • Items not accepted:
    1. Pornography
    2. Racist, or anti-Christian items
    3. Drugs or drug paraphernalia
    4. Any other item that is considered illegal, immoral or contraband of any type.

This list is, by no means, a complete or comprehensive list of banned items. JFC may reject any item deemed unsuitable according to our Christian belief.

Any firearms listed must comply with all State of Michigan and Federal firearms laws concerning the sale and transfer of firearms.

All auctions are considered 'Standard' no 'Dutch auctions' are allowed, please disregard that option when listing an item.

Anyone found to be using a PayPal email address other than the JFC PayPal email address will have their auction cancelled.