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9 am Adult Bible Study @Gobles MS Gym

10:30am Worship Service @Gobles MS Gym

10:30am Journey Kids 0-4 @Gobles MS Gym

10:30am Journey Kids Pre K- 6th grade @ 313 Depot

FUSION Middle School 4 - 5:30p High School 6 - 7:30p @ 313 Depot

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is noted for his unique communication style. He is gifted in making the complex simple as he speaks truth to people in ways that they can understand and apply to their everyday lives. It is evident that God has anointed each of his messages, which are enhanced with quick wit and thought provoking insight. This anointed delivery captures God's loving heart through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Before being called into the ministry, Gary worked as an athletic director at Bloomingdale Public Schools, and for many years he was often invited to substitute for vacationing pastors at various churches in the area. Gary continued to wrestle with his calling until he was invited to fill the pulpit at Journey Family Church. It was then that the Holy Spirit manifest his life's calling knowing that he was anointed to preach the word and he accepted the calling as JFC's Senior Pastor.

Pastor Gary enjoys many outdoor activities in his spare time. You can find him decked out in camouflage, armed with a gun or bow, during deer hunting season, and loves spending time on the lake catching blue gill in the summers. Gary enjoys watching sports on television, especially basketball, and is an avid Michigan State fan along with supporting all Detroit professional sports.

Pastor Gary and Tina have five children; Ryan (Lyndsey), Amber (Travis), Matthew, Gary and Jillian,and have been blessed with 4 adorable grandchildren; Allie, Kylie, Tate, and Harper.


Josh Odell is the Church-Life Pastor at Journey Family Church. He grew up in Bloomingdale, MI. When he was 15 years old, he clearly felt the Lord calling him into ministry. As a teen, Josh was very involved in his church, youth group and bible study. After high school, he moved to LaGrange, Wyoming, where he studied at Frontier School of Bible. Upon graduation from college, Pastor Josh moved back to his hometown and accepted an internship under the guidance of Pastor Bill Napp. It was during his internship that God pressed upon his heart, a burning passion for reaching people for Jesus Christ. Shortly after his internship ended, Pastor Josh and his wife Julie were called to Journey Family Church to lead youth ministry. Julie is a member of JFC’s worship team. God has gifted her with an amazing voice. She also is an essential part of Fusion and Journey Kids. When she is not serving alongside her husband, she is taking care of their 4 amazing children; Joshua, James, Jocelyn and Janessa. In Pastor Josh’s spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, frogging and trapping. He also is a faithful member of the Bloomingdale Fire Department.


Seth grew up in Gobles, Michigan, and has been attending Journey Family Church since its beginning. In highschool Seth played football and baseball, and after graduation he went off to play baseball at Michigan State University. While at MSU, Seth became involved in an an on-campus ministry called Athletes In Action. He spent a year and a half as a student at MSU, playing baseball and being a part of Athletes In Action. Throughout that year and a half, Seth met countless brothers and sisters in Christ, grew stronger in his own walk with the Lord, and felt God call him into ministry while he was on a missions trip in South Africa.

After his time at MSU, Seth transferred to Kellogg Community College and then finished his collegiate and athletic career at Grand Valley State University. Seth Graduated in 2017 with his Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. During Seth’s time at Grand Valley State University, he was driven to share the love of Jesus and the good news of the Gospel with those around him. He lead a weekly bible study with teammates from his baseball team, and was noted for his positive attitude and character on and off the field.

Seth is passionate about serving his community, in the name of Jesus. Serving alongside him is his fiance, Cassidy. Cassidy is a member of the JFC worship team, and an essential part of the youth ministry. Seth and Cassidy are preparing to get married in June of 2018 and are excited to have the chance to build relationships with parents and to be a positive example for the younger generations.

In Seth’s free time he enjoys watching the Chicago Cubs win. (Go Cubbies!) You can also find him on the lake catching bass and bluegill or at the golf course. Another one of Seth’s favorite activities is watching sprint cars race on the dirt track.


JFC’s Worship Leader, Chris Adams has almost 40 years of experience singing gospel music. Chris became acquainted with gospel music at the age of 6. His parents had a gospel group called “Our Tribute” and on occasion, his parents would let him take over the microphone. He knew at an early age that he loved to sing and more specifically, he loved singing for Jesus. Chris has sung a wide variety of music, but the gospel/blues seem to come most natural to him. He has performed with large choral groups and praise teams in the past.

Chris has been a Christian for most of his life. He believes that singing praises to the Lord is one of the gifts God has given him in order to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He notes that he has no gift outside that which God has given him, and to God be all the glory. Chris is married to his wonderful wife, Amy and together they have 3 children; Bryan, Alyssa (Clayton) and Kristin. Chris admits that their life has not been picture perfect, but with their faith, family and fellowship with other believers, they continue to stand firm on their foundation, which is Jesus Christ!

Chris enjoys meeting new people and sharing what God has put on his heart through song and testimony. Chris admits, “I am not the next Hometown Hero, American Idol or Nashville Star, just another human being with a song on my lips.” Chris’s life verses are Romans 8:38-39.

 Pam Sinotte


To say that Pam loves children is such an understatement. Children are drawn to her and she to them. She would rather be unprepared to teach 200 active children, than to stand well organized with speech in hand in front of her peers. They are her comfort zone and her calling in life. She loves leading the children of Journey Family church and finding incredible, equally gifted, kid loving people, to serve along with her. Children’s hearts are so moldable at a young age and teaching them about the love of God and to find him as their forever friend, is her ministry goal.

Pam was privilege to be raised in a Christian home that began generations ago where her great grandparents, grandparents and parents prayed for their future children. She believes that their earnest and faithful prayers have guided her into a lifelong desire to serve in God’s church. Pam has served in the nursery, taught Sunday school, was a youth group leader, and has taught small group Bible studies. Raising three children as a stay at home mom has been her most important job but also her ministry for 23 years.

As Pam approached the time in her life to decide what to do after her children left the home, she began to pray that God would send her a clear answer that could not be denied or misinterpreted. About six months later, Pastor Gary called and asked her to try out the open position of working with the kids at Journey Family Church. Her response was an immediate decline, and then quickly realized that God did exactly what she asked him to do. Since then, Pam faces each day confident that God has hand picked her to do this job. God took Pam out of her comfort zone and gave her a lifetime of preparation for the second job of her dreams.

The Sinotte family has been a part of Journey Family Church for 4 years. Scott and Pam have been married for 24 years. They have lived in Carmel, California; Okemos, Michigan; and currently reside in Kalamazoo. Scott is a State Farm Agent in Sturgis, while Pam continues to homeschool their youngest daughter. The older children, Tyler and Taylor, attend college at Grace College and Seminary. They have two dogs, Pepper and Buddy, along with a rescued grand puppy, Parker. Pam loves to clean and organize anything. She was born with a green thumb and loves to garden. Studying the Bible and singing, are two of her favorite ways to spend time with God. Her favorite way to serve her Lord and Savior; is through the children of Journey Family Church.


Tom has always had a heart for people and can relate to anyone because of his simple approach: “love people”, social status of a person should not intimidate or discourage interaction. Jesus loved them all! Tom grew up in a poverty stricken neighborhood of St. Louis, MO; today it is one of the richest communities. Tom states, “I knew at a young age Jesus Christ had plans for my life and that material wealth was not important. I had more than wealth (money); I had family and knew I was loved. I respected my ethnic parents and feared them. I believe fearing The Lord begins with fearing parents and authority. I learned that fear comes before love and then the love flows! Because of the neighborhood character, I saw a lot of family division, single parent homes; sexual, drug, and alcohol addictions; violence, murders, and crime. I saw “hopelessness” and separation from God. That broke my heart. Little did I know that it would still impact me today as I see brokenness within our community. Some consider people in need a problem they choose to avoid. I consider them blessings that need Jesus... we all need Jesus!”

Psalm 34 is my favorite Bible scripture because it was after reading that that I made a full commitment to Jesus Christ, saw His true love for me and it totally changed my life. I exchanged my life for Christ that day and it was the best decision I ever made. My desire is to share “The Truth”, Jesus Christ, in a loving way so others too can know Him personally and not just know of Him. Sometimes that takes time building a relational bond with a person so they see love for them first!”

Tom moved to Michigan in 1986 when his employer closed the doors. He has been active in the two communities he has lived in. Tom has been anointed an outreach pastor since 18 yrs of age. He led a church congregation in the role of a volunteer pastor for many years. He has mentored, tutored, and coached children his entire adult life. He believes in volunteering to make the community a better place for all.

Tom has had some seminary training but has primarily devoted his life to hard work at a meat packaging company to provide for his family. The rest of the time he has devoted to volunteer outreach work and is still seen walking the streets, talking, praying, and ministering to people. He is a firm believer: God doesn’t always call the qualified...but He always qualifies the called. Tom will not allow age or impairments to control what Christ has called him to do and will do it faithfully until Christ calls him home. Retirement is not an option! Tom and his wife, Michelle, proclaim the love of Jesus wherever they are. They have 9 children and 14 grandchildren of various ages. Together, they are seeing the miraculous work of Christ through prayer in every situation both in ministry and personally. In their spare time they enjoy the outdoors, playing in the garden, spending time with grandbabies, and yes... watching baseball. You can be sure there are St. Louis Cardinal fans in Michigan. Go Red Birds.