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9 am Adult Bible Study @Gobles MS Gym

10:30am Worship Service @Gobles MS Gym

10:30am Journey Kids 0-4 @Gobles MS Gym

10:30am Journey Kids Pre K- 6th grade @ 313 Depot

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    Sundays at 10:30 am @ Gym

  • Journey Kids

    Journey Kids

    Sundays at 10:30am @Depot

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January 6th-26th

Sometimes after a busy season, we need to slow down, rest, and set our focus on the Lord again. Realigning our priorities to God’s heart and making time to listen to His voice are important things that often go on the back burner, and that’s why, as a church, we are setting aside 21 days to fast and pray. Please pray about how God may want you to fast. If your health allows, consider fasting one meal a day or perhaps a certain type of food. Or you may want to consider fasting things like television, nonessential email, or social media, which can often consume a great amount of time in your daily life. Instead, we encourage you to dedicate time to reading God’s Word, praying, and listening to His direction for your life. We also ask that you specifically keep the church building in your prayers. If you would like to participate in the church-wide fast, please be in touch with Pastor Josh. We cant wait to see what the Lord has for each one of you and for Journey Family Church in 2019.


If you are interested in being on the Wild Game Dinner Planning Committee for 2019, please see Pastor Josh or contact him at: 269-615-1202. If you were a successful hunter this year and would like to donate meat of any kind, please let us know! Thanks!


Valentines Dinner